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Recently our network was moved to the corporate network and behind the company firewall. Since the i could not access the FTP Servers using Filezilla. I can connect to them but cannot receive the directory listing.

Command: MLSD 
Response: 500 
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I can access the server using other softwares ( GnomeCommander ) but i would like to use Filezilla for its advanced features. I tried active and pasive mode but that doesnt work.

I trace the problem to the MSLD command. I think if i could make filezilla use LIST command it will work.

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The LIST command is deprecated and MLSD is now used according to standards. Does Filezilla work correctly from a PC outside your network on the same server? If not, this might be a server issue.

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it works, the problem is with our corporate firewall. – Gabriel Solomon May 25 '10 at 14:52

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