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Today, I accidentally typed man git diff which should give no results, as it should, according to the manual, be interpreted as page diff in section git. However, page git-diff(1) is actually shown. How can that be? (Using man 2.5.7 as included in Ubuntu Lucid)

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man(1) on Ubuntu says:

              By default, man will try to interpret pairs of manual page names given on the command line as
              equivalent to a single manual page name containing a hyphen.  This supports the  common  pat-
              tern  of  programs  that  implement  a number of subcommands, allowing them to provide manual
              pages for each that can be accessed using similar syntax as would be used to invoke the  sub-
              commands themselves.  For example:

                $ man -aw git diff

              To disable this behaviour, use the --no-subpages option.

                $ man -aw --no-subpages git diff
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That's funny -- they choosed the same example. Thanks! – artistoex May 22 '10 at 11:38
The man-db implementation of man added this in 2009 apparently:… – David Röthlisberger Nov 26 '14 at 11:14

Git may have a reference for diff in git that points to git-diff.

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