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Adobe Help that came with Creative Suite 5 and/or Flash Builder Pro is constantly creating network traffic with an Adobe site, www.wip4.adobe.com

In the Adobe Help application Preferences, I find that I can change the settings so that I must manually download updates, but apparently the application still likes to call home and chatter non-stop with www.wip4.adobe.com. I could use something like Little Snitch to block all this spyware-like behavior, but I'd really prefer to just change the application's behavior. Is there a hidden setting or configuration file to adjust this behavior to something more appropriate and polite?

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Yes, it's called your hosts file in /etc/hosts. Simply create an entry pointing www.wip4.adobe.com to

This will stop the chatter, but it's not exactly a "hidden setting" in the application itself. To the best of my knowledge Adobe is about as invasive as Google, except you pay through the nose for the privilege.

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