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I'm assuming that most, if not all, the extensions and changes to the userchrome.css will work on Ubuntu Netbook, so I'm looking for a simple way to transfer them all from my primary Vista OS to my Ubuntu Netbook OS, on the same machine. It also has to be free. I am the most current stable build of Firefox 3.6.5 on both systems.

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You can use an addon like Siphon to sync addon. For profiles & bookmarks, you can use Weave

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You should be able to just manually copy the profile directory over to the new OS - I've done this successfully from Windows to OS X. See to find the location of your profile, then just copy the whole directory over.

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i've had apparent success with this, but recently i've realized my old profile (copied from WinXP to Ubuntu) didn't seem to keep the disk cache in the same place -- i'm not sure it was keeping a disk cache at all. ended up creating a new profile with fresh settings since i couldn't track down the trouble. i think a profile sync addon will be more successful than a straight-up file copy. – quack quixote Jun 6 '10 at 8:24

MozBackup is the one and only program you need to use. I get transfered a lot between several offices and PCs and work like a charm.

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