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It used to work when I had Windows XP installed, but now, with Windows 7, it isn't even showing up in my device manager.

I tried updating the drivers but that didn't fix the issue?

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Install the "Toshiba Bluetooth Stack" software. You should be able to find it on Dell's website.

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Check your software switch (if there is any with Fn+ something), check your hardware switch (like a small switch for wifi+bt) and check your bios.

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Yep, did that, it is enabled in the BIOS and i set the WiFi hotkey (Fn +F2) to Bluetooth only and nothing happens....However i should mention that i am using a wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard with a bluetooth dongle....not sure if that would affect anything. I removed the dongle and the internal module still is unresponsive. – user37961 May 22 '10 at 12:52
Remove the dongle and remove everything related from the Device Manager from the control panel. Do a reboot, it should reinstall the drivers and reset everything back (no, dont plug your bluetooth back until you did the reboot and it finishes) – Shiki May 22 '10 at 14:56

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