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What's the easiest tool to use to scan books? I find that using my scanner is difficult for books?

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If you can separate the pages from the book (i.e.: break the book) I will suggest you a Fujitsu Scansnap S300 because It's a good product (stellar reviews) and can OCR your book making It a searchable PDF.

If you're brave enough you can build a system yourself

If you think there could be an e-book (you've not said which book you want to scan) copy of your textbook try to purchase It.

There are incredible projects deidcated on this subject and It's worth mentioning a company: Atiz

This kind of device, depending on the number of pages you want to scan, can come in handy.

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There are local agencies in large cities which have this service, daily. I'm not sure if China, India, etc offer a similar service at competitive prices. e Generally, I don't scan. Newspapers, periodicals, books ...

I use my smartphone and /or my compact digital camera. Then read it on my smartphone, notebook or netbook. If I really want hardcopy, I laser-print any pages.

For uploading into assignments, Omnipage (optical character recognition) in Window$$$$. Linux has a few free OCR programs, which i've installed, but have not tested.

Greg Zeng, Retired (medical) IT Consultant, Australian Capital Territory.

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You can use xcanex.
Tt can scan 16pages in 5 mins. Use at home. It also can be used to scan card, documents.

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A scanner with a document feeder should do what you're looking for - try to keep it to 5-10 pages at a time and hope that the pages aren't wrinkly at the edge that goes into the feeder.

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There are also scanners such as this one that allow you to scan almost to the center so you can do it on an intact book without breaking the spine. I haven't used it, though.

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