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I am sure some of us have older laptops that still works but just one or two parts started not working very well. However, to send it back to the manufacturer for repair might not be worth the money (as some of them even charge consultation fees just to have it checked) as these old laptops are most probably well beyond warranty.

Replacing these one or two parts could give your laptop a new lease of life. For example, I have a Dell Inspiron 640m which the fan recently failed. Everything else still works. I know enough to open up the laptop (after reading the service manual) and put it back together again, hence a replacement fan could save it. However, finding these parts turned out to be difficult. I guess I wouldn't be able to get it from Dell since I have been searching around the Dell forums and concluded if I were going to get Dell to at least talk to me, I would have to pay some money (since my warranty expired). I found this online:-


However, as I don't live in the United States, shipping alone would cost me 3 times more than the part in question. In addition, if there's a problem, it would be difficult because I probably would have to mail the parts back (costing more money).

One of my friend spilled water on her Macbook, she sent it back to Apple and they told her the cost of repairing it exceeds that of buying a new Macbook. They probably have to change everything except the LCD screen. I opened it up and found that most of the parts are still working, only the RAM had fried. Replaced it and it's working again. For some time before discovering only the RAM fried, I was toying with the idea of replacing the logic board myself but looks like I didn't have to. =) Now I know there's a site for Macbooks used replacement parts:-


The question is, does anyone know where to get replacement parts at their own locality? It might benefit the community as a whole. Someone might know a local computer store that sells precisely just the things we needed (for now, I hope to find a shop that sells just the fan). If you own a laptop which you had an easy experience finding the replacement parts, do post that as well.

PS: I wish laptop manufacturers have outlets where they sell these replacement parts (or at least let you place an order).

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You could always try eBay :)

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I was able to find a replacement keyboard for my 3 year old Gateway laptop from Batteries4Laptop. There are several other similar sites that carry exactly the same NOS (New old stock for non-gearheads). The key thing is finding the manufacturer's part number, then Googling it to find all the vendors. Searching by laptop model and part was much less effective.

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I've used Bliss Computers for laptop screens and have been very pleased. For batteries and power adapters, I like AtBatt. I'll have to check out parts-people.

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