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From the Desktop of my XP Home Edn SP3 system, under the Right-Click Menu > Properties, the [Desktop] tab, of the 'Display Properties' window shows a selection list for the Desktop's Background image. For me this list has become frozen and its slider (at right) will not move. The [Browse] button and the 'Position' dropdown list (whether the selected image is centred, stretched, etc) are also greyed out. I can still use both the Color dropdown list at the right of the Background list and the [Customize Desktop] button below it, and make any changes as desired. What's gone wrong. I'm guessing maybe a registery setting or I've deleted a file somewhere, but haven't found the cause as yet. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

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can you give any background to this as to when you first noticed it or anything you did before it started happening. Do you use any Video card display settings might be overiding windows. Does any one else use your system? Antivirus scans and the like.... – Iceking007 Mar 7 '11 at 23:20

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