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I accidentally deleted a volume in Windows Disk Management. Is there an easy way to undo that action? Or do I have to use a file recovery tool?

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If you can recreate the partition the same exact size, you can then get the backup boot sector from the end of the volume. See kb article 245725 from microsoft.

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You can't undo it in Windows.

You need to either restore your partition table from a backup you may have made, or use recovery tools like FindNTFS or similar.

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Thanks. Findtfs is really complicated, I didn't dare try it out. I tried which is free, but this works only with 32 bit windows. Then I tried various other tools, but they were mostly crap. Then I tried "Active@ Partition Recovery" (, which worked great and was really fast. Unfortunately it's not free, but there is a demo to see if it will work in your case. – Michael Böckling May 22 '10 at 15:44

TestDisk has worked well for me in the past, when I stopped a partition resize in the middle of it (bad idea).

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