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In tortoisesvn i get the error

Can't create directory 'C:\dev\repo\subfolder\db\transactions\49-1g.txn': ...

I used robocopy (i cant remember if i used /copyall) to copy the files onto an external drive then i copied it back after a format. Now ATM i cannot commit. How do i fix this?

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The files have to be in exactly the same directory as before for TortoiseSVN to work properly.

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they are. Actually what is funny is c:\dev is actually a junction point to my other partition so all of my os will have c:\ pointing to the exact same folder. So in both cases (c: and e:) the folders are in the same directory as before. – acidzombie24 May 23 '10 at 0:53
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I think the problem was missing folders (perhaps not copying empty folders). I created a repo then copy/pasted the files into it. It then worked perfectly.

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