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Looking for URL to download a trial version of Windows 7 to run on another partition. I want to have a 'play' on W7 and get to know it (and its possible problems) before I go out and buy a new machine with W7 already installed. Thanks.

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There is no "trial" version of Windows 7 in the sense that it's a different version, since they all come with a 30 day grace period before you must enter a product key. Take advantage of this, burn an ISO of retail media.

See here for ISOs.

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You can try it for 120 days, and 360 days with a simple reg trick. Or for unlimited time with a simple task scheduler job but this is illegal already. (The 360 days is not as far as I know. The 120 is totally legal.) – Shiki May 23 '10 at 5:49

You can try the Windows 7 Enterprise trial though technically its intended for business IT use. You'll need a Live account.

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Here is the link to download a 90 day evaluation of Windows 7 Enterprise.

You need a Live ID/Microsoft account to download.

UPDATE: Since the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview, Windows 7 is no longer available on this link for download.

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