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Basically I want to be able to download video files in a way that I can play them while they are downloading.

Or is that impossible to do with the bit torrent protocoll? If you can force the client to download certain files sooner can't you force it to download certain segments the same way?

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Use uTorrent. It has a streaming mode, so it will download segments sequentially. Some other bitTorrent client can do this as well. Note that download speed will be slower than usual. Download the alpha which supports streaming from here.

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Are you talking about the 2.1 alpha which I read can preview videos with a web player? Because I can't find the option in the stable release – sekmet64 May 23 '10 at 13:14
Yup, only the 2.1 alpha supports streaming. – binedump May 23 '10 at 16:11

BitComet supports this for a long time.
(Also, the download speed will be somewhat slower, expect that.)

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qBittorrent offers consecutive downloading as a per-torrent option. The option is straightforward and works as expected.

The program is cross-platform and lightweight, yet powerful. It is also opensource if it matters to you, and most Linux distros have packets for it.

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