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I want to change the format of the "Date"-column in the message list in Thunderbird.

For mails from today, I want to display only the time, not the date.
For mails from before today, I want to display only the date, not the time.

This is the same setup mutt uses. I know of the Date display format wiki article, which describes how to change the date format, but you can only switch between five predefined formats, and none of them is "Date only".

I also know of the ConfigDate extension, but it's got the same limitations, you can't define a new date format.

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Assuming I'm reading the source code correctly, this isn't currently possible. The date format is configurable, and can be turned off altogether as noted in the wiki article you referenced, but the time is always shown according to the computer's locale (without seconds).

If you're up for fiddling with the source code, look at the end of the FetchDate function in mailnews/base/src/nsMsgDBView.cpp. You'll need to change kTimeFormatNoSeconds to something else (see the Date and Time Formatting functions page for details).

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