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I am using (running snow leopard) to connect to my email account on my school's Exchange 2007 server. I get my Inbox just fine, and iCal connects to my Outlook Calendar just fine, but I cannot seem to get any of the Exchange Public Folders that I can automatically see when I am using Outlook on a Windows box.

The Account Type is shown as "Exchange 2007"

I did not have any luck Googling this problem, in fact most of the results I saw were dealing with the opposite problem:

Remove MS Exchange Public Folders

I am aware that my question is a duplicate of this:

but since that question did not get any responses, I am reposting.

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The only answer I can give you is to use Entourage. I wish the Public Folders were available through the OWA Lite version. I assume Microsoft's lack of support in this area is due to them phasing out Public Folders in later versions of Exchange.

Entourage is included in MS Office 2008.

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