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Hey all, just wanted to ask quick if anyone knows how to do this. If not I'll post it on as a suggestion.

With Explorer pinned to the taskbar you can pin folders to Explorer, so they are in the jumplist for the explorer shortcut.

I have a shortcut to CMD pinned to my taskbar and would like to be able to do the same concept, ... that is to be able to pin a bat/cmd file to the CMD shortcut, so in the CMD jumplist, I could have quick access to a couple batch files I use routinely.

Anyone know a way to do this? I tried just dragging the batch file to the CMD shortcut on the taskbar like how you do with folders and Explorer, but that did not work.

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The first q (100249) I already saw, it doesn't answer my question. The second one (137789) is my question exactly. It did not come up though when I started typing my question in the list of possible relations, otherwise I would've just favorited that one, as I always look through the whole list of possible dupes first. –  eidylon May 24 '10 at 15:36