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Do you guys know any software that can reproduce the entire tree of directories under a certain directory to another disk and keep it update in real-time on Mac OS X?

A kind of mirror RAID, but instead of mirroring the whole disk I need to mirror just all directories inside one specific directory. As a mirror, it must update in real-time, I mean, as files are dropped, modified or created.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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This seems to do what you want.

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that's it. Thanks! – SpaceDog May 29 '10 at 15:28
@Mike You're welcome. Although I personally use Dropbox. ( – ghoppe May 29 '10 at 16:58

Synk 7 does this. I haven't tried it, but have used Synk 6 (and 5) in the past with some success.

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You should be able accomplish something like this using Folder Actions with Applescript/Automator.

Try this Automator Action:

Save it as a plug-in and attach it to the folder. This article explains the process: "Fixing Automator Workflow Folder Action Plug-Ins in Leopard" at Peachpit (I can't post more than one link as a new user so you'll have to Google it).

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will this sync folders inside folders? suppose I install this folder action on a folder named "myFiles". Inside this folder I have another one called "images". If I create an image inside "images" will it sync? – SpaceDog May 25 '10 at 23:02

If you're OK to spend a few bucks there is ChronoSync. It has a neat GUI, and was impressed when I tested it. However I'm not sure about real-time sync (it does scheduled sync, of course).

I stumbled upon this page listing backup software, and specifying the real-time detection the following softwares rise:

I'll be glad to hear from your tests!

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