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How to get opentype fonts in .otf format working on Ubuntu and OpenOffice 3.2?

It would be great if I could use opentype features in OOo, but I'll be glad enough if I could use them even converted to TTF.

I've tried numerous ways described on the net, but with no success. For now, I succeeded with using OTF fonts in Inkscape.

  • How to get it working with OOo?
  • Any news about opentype in upcoming versions of OOo?
  • Can you recommend any other alternative to MS Word, or better yet Adobe Indesign with good OTF support?
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OpenType fonts should work with 3.2 (unless there is a bug somewhere in either the font or OOo).

An alternative to InDesign could be Scribus (also available in the Ubuntu repositories).

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In at least since jaunty, I've never even thought about font support, it just works. I think the magic is contained in the fontconfig package.

For a good time, try:

sudo apt-get install fontconfig
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Did you mean sudo apt-get install fontconfig? This does not help at all. Fonts are working, but not i OOo. – takeshin Jul 15 '10 at 15:56
thanks for pointing out the syntax error, fixed. I am using Ubuntu Lucid OO 3.2 and have fonts that are shown by fc-list, have never been released as anything other than OTF, only live on my machine as OTF and they work fine. I do not know what I'm doing differently, sorry. – msw Jul 15 '10 at 17:24

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