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I have a folder of files that I want to convert to PDF. What is the best way on the mac to automate this?

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What kind of files? – Troggy Jul 28 '09 at 15:10
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deskUNPDF PDF Converter :Convert and edit the contents of PDF documents with deskUNPDF. Easily and quickly convert PDF’s into Word (.doc), Open Office (.odt), Excel (.xls), HTML, and many more.

PDF Converter 1.1 : Open Automator and select the PDF icon you will see PDF Converter. You can combine with other actions to integrate a complete task and save as a workflow. The PDF Converter includes a workflow file. After you install it in a proper location, you then have the ability to use Contextual Menu to convert files to PDF format

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There is a tutorial for converting .doc files using automator.

Also, there is a fairly new Automator Action that converts text files to PDF.

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