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I'm looking for scheduling software to schedule 25 people over 8 work sites. Most are FT and can work up to 40 hours a week, but some are part-time and can only work certain days of the week and up to a certain number of hours a week.

There are 3 classes of employees: Managers, Supervisors, and Workers. They should be shuffled so that they spend approximately equal time at each of the 8 work sites and with all classes of employees; i.e., Joe the worker should spend about 1 out of 8 days on each work site, and work with managers, supervisors, and other workers equally.

I tried to do this in excel with the solver, but the shuffling requirement makes it way too complicated, so I'm stuck trying to do big parts of this manually with the solver helping out with just the hour provisioning piece.

Is there any open source software that could help me?

Much appreciated!


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Take a look at openskedge.org –  codecowboy Aug 11 at 10:56

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I know of projects like OpenProj and TaskJuggler, but I've never used them. Using those as starting points you could probably Google up similar projects to evaluate.

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OpenProj appears to be abandonware, but TaskJuggler looks promising. Thanks. –  Scott Severance Apr 19 '11 at 7:42

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