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I have the ability to get .wav files of voice mails emailed to me, but sometimes I'll be sitting in a meeting and I need to know the content of a message without playing it out loud.

Are there any good (and, preferably, free) tools for converting .wav files to text? I know Google Voice has this capability, but I can't determine if it'll work on a file-by-file basis.

I realize that this is a difficult research problem, but even an 80% solution might be workable.

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I believe the best free speech recognition software is CMU Sphinx. It looks quite mature, though I have not used it. It is however more a research project than focussed on end users, so while it apparently works well, it's a bit of work setting it up; in particular, you will need to train it before using it.

Other software you might want to try:


BTW, have you considered just listening to the messages using a small earplug if you're in a meeting. Might be the easiest way :-). Or, just have less meetings...

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Look at Julius

mkdir -p $HOME/tmp/ 
cd $HOME/tmp 
if [ ! -f  Julius-3.5.2-Quickstart-Linux_AcousticModel-2011-07-21.tgz ] ; then
    wget http://www.repository.voxforge1.org/downloads/Nightly_Builds/AcousticModel-2011-07-21/Julius-3.5.2-Quickstart-Linux_AcousticModel-2011-07-21.tgz  -O  Julius-3.5.2-Quickstart-Linux_AcousticModel-2011-07-21.tgz
tar xvpfz Julius-3.5.2-Quickstart-Linux_AcousticModel-2011-07-21.tgz 
echo "It might be installed."
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