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I am trying to compile a list of common audio file formats used in both personal storage and peer transmission. I have compiled the following list, do you think that there are any significant formats missing? Are any of them not actually common formats? Any advice/alterations are highly useful.

advanced audio coding,
apple lossless audio file,
atrac3 audio file,
atrac audio file,
audio interchange file format,
core audio file,
free lossless audio codec file,
mpeg 1 audio layer 3,
mpeg 2 audio,
mpeg 4 audio book file,
musical instrument digital interface,
ogg vorbis compressed audio file,
open media framework file,
real audio,
real audio media,
waveform audio file format,
windows media audio.

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Common is an extremely relative term. – Keltari May 27 '13 at 15:48

Wikipedia has a nice page for audio file formats which might help you building your list. The article includes:

  • Uncompressed audio formats
  • Lossless compressed audio formats
  • Free and open file formats
  • Open file formats
  • Proprietary formats
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