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I have

'C:\Users\Documents...etc.......[file name.xlsx]Work Sheet'!$B:$F

in cell B1

i then want to run a vlookup formula to the above file but instead of

vlookup(A1,'C:\Users\Documents...etc.......[file name.xlsx]Work Sheet'!$B:$F,2,false)

I want to use the cell B1 for the path.

Reason is i want the master to look at multiple workbooks and i don't have time to sit and retype.

Please help

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VLOOKUP will work on closed workbooks, but INDIRECT won't. See this post for a few alternatives to INDIRECT on a closed workbook

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The INDIRECT function will do what you're looking for, i.e.


..but I don't think you can use full paths like your example, vlookup only works within the current workbook as far as I know.

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