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This may be an odd question, I apologize.

I just got the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and was curious about how the zoom feature was to work. I'm using Windows 7 and in Word, Internet Explorer, or when viewing an image the zoom doesn't seem to do anything.

Device Manager says that the drivers are updated. Is there a special key combination that is used to make it work? I am not sure what I'm missing with this.

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According to this Microsoft Support Article The Zoom slider key on the a Microsoft keyboard may not work correctly:

This problem may occur if the speed in the IntelliType Pro software for the Zoom slider key is not set to Fast.

Follow these steps to adjust that:

  1. Open the Keyboard control panel:

    enter image description here

  2. Open the Zooming panel and set the zooming speed to Fast:

    enter image description here

Also make sure that Enable zooming is enabled: enter image description here

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F Lock Key disables Zoom Slider as well the above mentioned software. The newest version is in the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software download at support page for keyboard.

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