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I usually have 2 sets of tabs in google chrome, in 2 windows. 1 for general browsing, and the other for 'work'.

Can I get both windows to auto launch at start, populated with their respective tabs?


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This works fine for me. I'm running 5.0.375.55 beta. If you go into Options -> Basics -> On startup, there is an option to "Reopen the pages that were open last".

I just ran a test of two chrome windows, each with multiple tabs open. When I exited via the exit menu option (the wrench icon), both windows full of tabs opened when I next launched chrome.

If you forget to exit that way and instead X out of chrome, you can still get the tabs back. When you open a new tab, there should be an entry for recently closed tabs. If you closed a window, it should be listed as "X tabs". Clicking the link should reopen the window with the correct tabs.

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