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Possible Duplicate:
Recover data loss from accidental quick format

First, I accidentally click the quick format, and the machine shut down during the format. I can see the hdd in "My computer", but when I click it, it ask me to format the hdd. What should I do now? keep format the hdd or finding some tools for recovery? thz.

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The act of formatting your drive will wipe your data that is on the drive. So if there was data on it, and u wanted to keep it, you probably shouldn't have been formatting it.

If you were just formatting it, and for whatever reason your computer crashed, you can try reformatting it again as the computer probably wasn't finished with formatting it the first time.

But, also, be careful. The fact that it crashed could also be a sign that something is wrong with your computer or the drive itself. If it crashes again, that's a sign something is wrong, and you'll have to diagnose the issue further.

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