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The LaCie d2 Network has a feature where by you can attach a USB drive and press the blue button at the from and it will copy the drive contents (no computer required). (See this review for more info).

USB 2.0 and eSATA ports are also provided but these are not designed for extending the d2 Network's storage. Rather, they allow you to connect portable drives for uploading their data to the d2 Network directly. The process is quite slick, too: just plug in a drive and press the big blue button on the front of the unit to trigger an immediate upload. This copies over everything on the external device and seems ideal for camera use.

LaCie d2 Network

Is it possible to use an microSD or SD card adapter (like the Kingston MobileLite 9-in-1) and copy the contents of the card?

I'm assuming the card reader just "looks like" a normal USB flash drive the computer or (in this case) LaCie d2 Network.

Is this assumption correct? Do you know any reason why this won't work?

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This is going to vary somewhat. I have a multi-card reader and it actually shows up as 4 separate drives on Windows, one of which has the card you plugged in. I have no idea what the LaCie would do with that. You'd probably have your best luck with a single-format reader, as that is least likely to have oddities that would confuse the drive.

Basically: You're gonna have to buy one and test it, if you want to find out.

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