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I'm searching for a tool to batch-copy files, that should support the following points:

  • copy files from a net-share
  • report any errors
  • show errors only or filter log on errors
  • don't stop on an error
  • also report if a file or a folder could not be copied due to missing permissions
  • if possible it should have a queue where new job can be added while copying

I tried the following tools:

  • TerraCopy: takes a lot time to just calculate the time and the size of the job and does not report errors due to missing permissions (it doesn't even add those files to the copy-queue)
  • Karne's replicator: does not report errors due to missing permissions
  • xcopy: does a great job when using the right parameters and piping the output to a file (in the German localization xcopy /k /r /e /i /s /c /h SOURCE TARGET>LOGFILE 2>&1 will do the job. opening the logfile in IE will give you a great monitor). but quing jobs it not possible (ok, you can join them all in a batch-file, but you can not queue jobs while another one is running (hm, thinking of a batch-script that loops through a file with the source-target-config...))
  • to be continued

Which tools do you use?

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Dunno about apps, but I can see a couple of ways of using xcopy:

  1. If you're happy for the copies to be executed in parallel you can create a batch file that loops and asks for src and dest and passes them off to another batch file that executes the xcopy. (If you're doing multiple copies involving the same devices you may well thrash them with this approach.)
  2. If it has to be done in serial, then I think you've come to the point where it's easier to use a 'real' scripting language, eg. Ruby or ECMAScript. Use the scripting language just to handle the queuing and again use xcopy to handle the copying.

My 2 cents,


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