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Is there an nmap line that will auto-detect my current IP address and subnet mask, and run a ping-scan on all? For example:

#> nmap -sP

Instead of manually:

#> nmap -sP
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I don't think that there is a way with doing that with nmap alone, but you could script it: Here is a quick and dirty solution:


IP_AND_MASK=`ifconfig | grep "inet addr" | head -n1 | sed 's|.*addr:\([0-9\.]*\).*Mask:\([0-9\.]*\)|\1/\2|g'`
NETWORK=`ipcalc "$IP_AND_MASK" | grep "Network:" | sed 's|^Network:\s*\([0-9/\.]*\).*|\1|g'`
nmap -sP "$NETWORK"

You have to install ipcalc to make that solution work.


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I have created a function for this (.bashrc)

#Quick nmap tcp/udp scan (quite agressive / will trigger IDS and adaptative firewall) / oN ouput allows you to resume an incomplete scan
function qnmap
    echo -e "qnmap accepts up to two arguments supplied in the command lines :\t\te.g: $ qnmap -sU -vv"
    ipinfo 1>/dev/null
    output=`date | awk {'print $3"_"$2"_"$6'}`
    cmd="sudo nmap -n -T4 -sV -sS -oN $HOME/Desktop/$output.nmapScan --exclude $myip $cidr $1 $2"
    echo -e "\$ $cmd"; $cmd

ipinfo script (I placed it in /usr/bin)

i=${1-en1}; #Specify your interface
myip=`ifconfig $i | grep "inet " | awk 'NR==1 {print $2}'`
gw=`netstat -rn | grep 'default' | awk 'NR==1 {print $2}'`
bct=`ifconfig $i | awk '/broadcast[ ]/{print $6}'`
cidr=$(while read y; do echo ${y%.*}".0/$(m=0; while read -n 1 x && [ $x = f ]; do m=$[m+4]; done < <(ifconfig $i | awk '/mask/{$4=substr($4,3); print $4}'); echo $m )"; done < <(ifconfig $i | awk '/inet[ ]/{print $2}'))
if [ -n "$myip" ]; then
    echo -e "Interface en1 (WiFi)"
    echo -e "IP Address\t\$myip = $myip"
    echo -e "Gateway\t\t\$gw = $gw"
    echo -e "Broadcast\t\$bct = $bct"
    echo -e "Network\t\t\$cidr = $cidr"
    myip=${myip:?"Cannot fetch IP for interface $i"};
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