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I search for a way that allow me read all history data from Google Chrome history and save it in any format for example excel sheet .. but i want a way in which i make it by copy data from page and paste in a sheet and formating it .. i search for automatic way or a tool ?

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Google saves the history in an sqlite3 database located in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default (on Windows 7).

Try installing an ODBC driver for sqlite3, you will then be able to use Data->From Other sources (in Get External Data) -> From Microsoft Query to get hold of the file and the data it contains. (I haven't actually done this, I just opened the file in the sqlite manager addin in Firefox to have a quick peek.)

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that's what i want i found it in C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default in windows server 2003 and also found this free browser that can open these db – Amr Badawy May 29 '10 at 7:32

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