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I have a cron job that processes files that my client's upload via FTP to my FreeBSD server. The cron job runs once an hour, and normally processing each file only takes a few seconds.

The cron job looks in the client's upload directory and moves any new files to a tmp directory. It then processes the file(s) and moves them into a final directory where they are then available to the public through a website.

The problem is, every once in awhile, the cron job runs just as a new file is being uploaded. It moves the half-uploaded file to the tmp directory, and tries to process it, and fails, of course.

Question: how can I determine if the uploaded file is complete? The only thing I can think of is checking the file size to see if it's changing, but that seems like a kludge. Is there some sort of flag or something that is set when the upload is complete?

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The safest way would be to search your ftp server logs for a "transfer completed" message (depends on the software).

If that is not possible only process files that have not been touched for some safe time, say 10 minutes. Use find to get a list of these files, e.g. for 10 minutes and your uploads in $UPLOAD_DIR

find $UPLOAD_DIR -amin +10

The + means "more than". See man 1 find for more information.

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This may fail if the file is uploaded a second time just afterwards. – Marian May 30 '10 at 14:28

fuser may do the trick. This lets you look at what processes are using a file. Only move if no processes are using it.

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Does the cron job create an identifiable process name? If so, use ps with grep to see if the old process is still running.

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