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Hi all I am writting program for recording IP cameras videos. I use Aforge framework and can save video in avi format, but it's size is too big. I need some command line program to convert videos from avi to mpeg4 format. Is there any free program and if yes where can I download them and how to use it. Thanks.

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Or you can also use ffmpeg. It's a cross platform for recording, converting videos. You can use it here

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As you don't state what OS you are using I would recommend Handbrake as an excellent free mp4 / h264 encoder. It's cross platform and has options for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It does have a gui but all the actual work appears to be done in a command line program which on my machine appears to be in the install directory as HandBrakeCLI.exe. There is a guide as to how to use the command line version at but it appears that it may possibly be slightly out of date (but probably still largely relevant) as there is a note about it on this page.

It is multithreaded and can easily use all the processors you have available.

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