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I have a column that I want to contain 1 or more tag values, e.g.:

row1:    X
row2:    Y
row3:    X, Y
row4:    X, Z
row5:    X, Y, Z

And then, when I auto-filter on that column, I want my filtering options to simply be:


i.e. if I filter by X, then I should see rows 1, 3, 4, and 5 from above. This, instead of just seeing row 1.

Is such a setup possible?

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Perhaps Auto-Filter and Custom Auto-Filter might help.

A nice tutorial can be found here: Excel AutoFilter Makes Spreadsheets More Useful.

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I don't know about the auto filter part, there definitely will be a VB Find code for it...

Having said that, would the IF(IsError(Search... be of any use to you? Something along the lines under

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