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How do you sync your Outlook contacts with Gmail?

What free (or better, open source) applications do you know of to keep outlook and Gmail contacts in sync? I need my outlook and Gmail accounts to be in sync, since my phone can only connect to Gmail...

I've tried GO Contact Sync, but it won't preserve categories, and I also tried Gcontactsynchbut it seems outdated. Google Apps Sync is only for paying users, and Chapura too.

Any application out there that does great sync between gmail and outlook? Thanks!


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Go Contact Sync does support categories, maybe you misconfigured it of used an outdated version.

Download it from here: http://www.webgear.co.nz/Products/GOContactSync.aspx

And use this tutorial (Scroll down to contacts sync): http://knokio.com/guide/sync-gmail-contacts-and-google-calendar-with-outlook/

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It doesn't handle categories well at all: suppose I have 2 categories a and B, and a contact belonging to both. Then in gmail I end with 3 categories, A, B, and A;B. This makes categories useless... Plus, it keeps bugging and failing to connect. –  CFP May 30 '10 at 9:20

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