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I guess a better way to ask this question (or an alternative to it, in my case) would be to first ask what a good way to do this would be, instead. Namely, I want to have a gadget on my desktop (not just in a browser window) with options such as overlaying on top of other windows, offline caching, etc. that is dedicated expressly to a given website (no browsing functions or menus).

Be even more awesome if I could indicate a specific physical part of the website to show in the gadget. Someone's probably got to have a scraper for doing that...

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In Windows 98 you can just active "Active Desktop", or put another way, what platform are we talking about? – Benjamin Bannier May 29 '10 at 18:36
Vista or later. But active desktop couldn't overlay, as I recall. – Daddy Warbox May 29 '10 at 19:13
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I think Bubbles may do what you want: I'm not sure it will support offline caching unless the web app itself does. It has an API for extending/modifying sites, so if you don't mind delving into their api ( ) you can limit it to only a specific part of the website AFAICT.

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