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Can I define Alt key menu keyboard shortcuts for bookmarks in Firefox 3.6?


Tropical Weather is in the Bookmarks menu. A keyboard-only way to use this bookmark is:

Alt + B + <press down arrow key a number of times> + Enter

I would like to be able to do it this way:

Alt + B + W

Where the association of the underlined letter in the bookmark menu, W, to Tropical Weather is user-defined.

Is it possible?

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Not normally, but the Firefox add-on access key akari lets you do that.

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This add-on is for the bookmark toolbar, not the bookmark menu. But it could be useful nonetheless. – Peter Mortensen May 30 '10 at 7:15
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It is possible by prefixing the shortcut in question with "w" or "W": Tropical Weather -> wTropical Weather. Then Alt + B + T will work as it will immediately open if there is only one shortcut that begins with "w". This is a general Windows feature, but with bookmarks we have direct control over the content of a menu, the booksmarks menu.


  1. Open menu Booksmarks -> Show All Bookmarks.

  2. Click on "Booksmarks Menu" in the left panel (it is in the tree All Bookmarks).

  3. Select the bookmark in question on the right, Tropical Weather / in the example.

  4. Add the prefix in the field Name, "w" in the example - the result is wTropical Weather.

If there is more than one shortcut that begins with "w" then rename the other shortcut(s) to not start with "w".

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