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Default blue background and white text in Microsoft Word.

I have just moved to Word 2010 (Student Version now released) and although it is possible to create individual documents with a blue background it is not possible to set the program with a blue background as a default.

I understand this was discontinued with Office 2007.
The only way I can open a document with a blue background is to create a Template with a blue background and use that for each document I wish to create.

I'm sure there must be a method of hacking the registry to accomplish this. Can you assist?

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the traditional method for enforcing such a default via templates was to make the change in the default template. used to be the file "", but it's been about a decade since i dealt with MS Word heavily, so that could've changed since then. – quack quixote May 30 '10 at 15:26
Pretty much the same, except now it's "normal.dotx" and in Word 2007/2010 format. – Hello71 May 30 '10 at 17:17

Have been able to accomplish a blue background. Not through the registry, but by creating a Template using Very easy.

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