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I have a HP LaserJet 2300DN connected var the network (TCP direct to printer), however when I set it up on Windows 7 (64 bit) the driver does not give me the option to do double sided printing.

How do I get the driver to know I am using the "DN" rather than a basic 2300?

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You could try using the tool on this page:

to check if you have the correct drivers and if not download the latest Win 7 64bit drivers.

You could also try connecting the printer to the computer direct if possible to see if its an issue with Win 7 or your network and come back here with more information.

Good luck!

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Since I couldn't vote nor comment up there. I just want to say that the answer from Jade Robbins worked well for me. It was on Device Setting.

1- Go to: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers 2- Right click on your printer icon and select 'Printer Properties' 3- Go to Device Settings Properties 4- Under 'Installable Options' choose: Installed for 'Duplex Unit (for 2-Sided Printing)'


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The additional details you added justify an answer rather then a comment. Some screen dump marked up with were to click would be the icing on the cake. – Ian Ringrose Feb 10 at 15:19

Make sure in the printer properties (under "Device Settings") you let the system know that it has a duplexer unit installed.

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