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I want to print a document, I set it to grayscale (i.e no color just blank ink) and for some reason I can't print b/c my color ink cartidge is empty.

The blank ink cartridge is fine, why can't I print then?

The error on the printer says:

Check INK 

Uo51 COL
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When you say that you set it grayscale, what do you mean? Is the document grayscale (ie no color in the document) or did you specifically set the printer to print in black-and-white in the printer preferences? – Bobson Sep 26 '11 at 2:13
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Because Canon wants you to buy colored ink.

This is the usual behavior for color inkjets.

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Not with all models. I have no problems printing without color with older Canons. But, yes, in newer models ... – Rook May 31 '10 at 15:12


  1. Black is printed using black but also using a little of other colors at the same time
  2. The print head needs to be always be filled with ink, if you don't want to break it and make a damage that's is more expensive to fix it than buying a new printer
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