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Recently, Google updated their search results page. Unfortunately, this broke pretty much every Greasemonkey script used on the results page, including the very useful filter scripts. I use these scripts at work when I encounter a coding problem that (for some reason) hasn't been answered at StackOverflow, and don't want to see sites like experts-exchange. Has anyone found a new script or updated their own to work with Google's new results page?

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I haven't, but when one is available then you'll be able to find it at (us.o) I'm sure. If you look at the us.o page for the 'google' tag (which is sorted by 'last updated by default) you should find all of the scripts that update the Google search engine page results (SERP), and there is a Google group on us.o where ppl can maintain a collection of Google related userscripts and discuss Google userscripts.

If you can't find the userscript that does what you want and works, then you can either start a discuss with an author of a script that doesn't work, tag the userscript as having an issue and describe the issue, request someone make a userscript that does what you want here, or get help making a userscript your self here and/or here.

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Check out this script It seems to work for me, however you first need to edit it and change .tld to your proper google page.

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