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Free Windows ISO Mounting Software

I have an iso file on my hard drive.

Are there any free/opensource softwares to mount iso files?

I use Windows as my OS.

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This one is open source: wincdemu.sysprogs.org/download –  Matthew Apr 18 '13 at 15:26

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I use Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive works and behaves just like a physical CD/DVD drive, however it exists only virtually.

  • Supports all common image formats such as ISO, BIN, CCD
  • Supports up to 8 virtual drives at the same time
  • Easy to use - just double-click an image file to mount as a drive
  • Virtual CloneDrive is freeware, you may use it at no cost.

I used to use Daemon Tools but stopped when the download began to include ad-ware.

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You're missing the final "l" on that link. –  T.J. Crowder Jun 1 '10 at 15:10
@T.J. - Thanks, fixed now! –  Shevek Jun 1 '10 at 15:26
+1 I too stopped when the download began to include ad-ware. –  Nifle Jun 1 '10 at 16:06

Daemon Tools is probably the best on Windows.

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I used to use Daemon Tools but gave up when the installer got more and more bloated. Switched to Virtual CloneDrive about a year ago and find it much easier to use. –  Shevek Jun 1 '10 at 15:06
+1 for VirtualCloneDrive. Daemon Tools is junk. –  churnd Jun 1 '10 at 16:17
It's good once you get it installed without all the junk, but yeah, VirtualCloneDrive is certainly not bad either. –  Christoffer Madsen Jun 1 '10 at 17:24

MagicDisc (freeware) is a good choice. You can add up to 15 virtual drives.

All supported CD/DVD image formats

BIN              (CDRWin)

IMA/IMG          (Generic disk images)

CIF              (Easy CD Creator)

NRG              (Nero - Burning ROM)

IMG/CCD          (CloneCD)

MDF/MDS          (Fantom CD)

VCD              (Farstone Virtual Drive)

VaporCD          (Noum Vapor CDROM)

P01/MD1/XA       (Gear)

VC4/000          (Virtual CD)

VDI              (Virtuo CD Manager)

C2D              (WinOnCD)

BWI/BWT          (BlinkWrite)

CDI              (DiscJuggler)

TAO/DAO          (Duplicator)

PDI              (Instant Copy)

MagicDisc has automatically Detecting engine, so user try to open any CD/DVD image files with MagicDisc.

Download Page

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Microsoft has a tool for it, which I found via this post, the direct link here.

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Th MS tool is not very user friendly - you cannot double click to mount images and there is no readily available front end - you have to go to the Control Panel every time you want to mount –  Shevek Jun 1 '10 at 16:23

There are several. I use VirtualClone drive and it works well for me (XP Media Center).

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