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Simple question really... I have multiple movies that I have taken from my camera that I would just like to simply append to one another. No processing or anything.

I usually use iMovie but for some reason this is taking forever and usually errors out right before the end.

Are there any other options out there?

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Really easy answer for you Mike - especially if you have a newer Mac that comes with the complete (Pro) version of QuickTime.

In QuickTime Pro, simply copying and pasting (yes- just like text) will do what you want. Saving does still take some time once a movie is appended. Just bring the movie you want to append to the foreground, hit command-c and then go back to the movie you want to append to, move the playhead indicator to the end and press command-v.

(I wonder though if you don't have other issues with your iMovie/QuickTime installation if iMovie is crapping out on you before the end? Do you have Perian or any other 3rd party codec pack installed that could be causing problems?)


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I bought Quicktime 7 Pro but I cant install Quicktime 7 because it says I have a newer version... That version being Quicktime X... Thoughts on that? – Mike Fielden Jun 2 '10 at 21:49
Mike - as I caveated in the first response - if you have a newer Mac, it will have these features built-in (no need to purchase anything). Quicktime X will have the above mentioned features. – JDB Jun 4 '10 at 18:03

I sometimes use mkvmerge. Just click the append button for however many files you have (must be same filetype, codec, dimensions,etc).

It of course makes a mkv (which needs perian to play), but you can remux to AVI with the AVI component or mov/mp4 by saving as QT mov or MP4 (passthrough options)

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