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How do I add a combobox in a word document without creating a form? Is there a possible way? I've seen comboboxes in Excel, is it possible in word?

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What are you trying to accomplish? Word "fields" could be what you're after – RJFalconer Jun 1 '10 at 18:18
I have a table in a word document with all its values based on one colour, however this has to be done for 8 colors. Instead repeating myself, I want something that will change values when a color is picked. – John Jun 1 '10 at 18:22

You have to write VBA (macro) code in the Document_New and Document_Open procedures.

The simplest method, if the contents of the list will always be the same, is to use something like

Private Sub Document_New()
With ComboBox1
.AddItem "one"
.AddItem "two"
' etc.
.ListIndex = 0
End With
End Sub

You'd need the same thing in Document_Open, because the combo box doesn't store the list in the document file when the document is closed.

If you need to get values from a database, see the combo box part of the article at

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