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I'm using Windows 7. All of a sudden, a couple of hours ago, this happened:

My keyboard number keys [above the letters] stopped working properly, both as numbers and as symbols. Only 5 and 6 are functional. Also, I've noticed that the End key isn't working either, and perhaps a couple more from that group.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with those evil Sticky Keys/Filter Keys/ whatever those ease of access things are, BUT I've turned off all the ease of access keyboard options and nothing has changed. Is it possible that something is still turned on while I unchecked it? Are the on/off checkboxes to control WHEN it happens or IF it happens? I also tried rebooting and uninstalling/reinstalling keyboard from device manager, to no avail.

It's certainly a software issue and not a hardware issue, as I've tried another keyboard and the problem persists. And, predictably enough, it's annoying. Any ideas?

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Please tell us your computer system and type/brand of keyboard. –  kmarsh Aug 17 '10 at 12:49
Try a different keyboard. –  Daniel R Hicks Apr 3 '12 at 23:12

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I've just tried to resolve it for an hour, on the phone with a friend who had an opposite issue (only 5 6 and left control were NOT working). What eventually worked for him was: Control+Alt+Fn key (or Windows key instead of Fn)

Note that in some cases the left Control is not working so you should try with any of these. Of course try typing the non-functional keys each time to see if it worked.

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Have you tried the keyboard on another system? Is this a usb keyboard or a PS/2 keyboard? Have you tried plugging it into different ports?

If you answered yes to all of these points then I would suggest 1 of 2 different actions. Try a system restore back a day or two before this happened and see if that fixes it.

If that does not fix it and this is a PS/2 keyboard try a USB one.

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If you're using an USB to PS/2 adapter, that might be causing the issue... Defective ones are known to cause this error.

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I've had the same problem, weirdly on both our main and laptop computers, within a week of each other. was getting really annoying, kept getting locked out as passwords didn't work, couldn't enter credit card details (maybe no bad thing.... perhaps my husband set it on purpose)

Read all the answers, and figured it's just some key combination that possibly the kids have pressed (or me in a strop!). Tried the things suggested - and finally just pressed as many keys as possible (both hands) and what do you know? I'm back in business! I'm sure people who know stuff about computers will be horrified and maybe my computer will self destruct in 5 seconds, but it's good for now!

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We just had this ourselves with a Win 7 NetBook - number keys don't work except for 5 & 6.

It turned out to be a Trojan Horse infecting Explorer and it could be traced to a bogus ADOBE upload or patch in Explorer. Look for a misnamed ADOBE.COM directory in Program Files or Windows and delete it. It has been attached to Explorer as it seems to be a nuisance only in that program.

We wonder if this came in as a result of loading Ad-Aware or due to some gaming sites my young son goes to. Finally, we just did went back to a previous system restore point - but it has been persistent - and annoying...

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Uninstall drivers in Device Manager. Scan For New Hardware This will re-install the drivers and should fix the issue; it worked for me.

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Holding down the right side Alt Gr plus Right side Ctrl key plus Windows key got the keyboard working again for me when text/number keys weren't functioning at the login screen.

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