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I setup a private network from virtual machines and one of the machines is the DHCP server for the group. I want to specify a next-server for the DHCP server but I'm having trouble connecting to any of the machines that I lease IPs to. I'm just trying to do a simple ping/ssh to (a machine with a lease) but it doesn't seem to respond. Any advice? I'm assuming I need to be able to connect to my next-server but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks.

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in which network mode is your virtual machine operating? bridged? nat? – akira Jun 3 '10 at 4:02
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  1. Did machine get the address or not and is it

  2. Did machine received a ping? You can check by tcpdump/wireshark/... on client if the ping arrived. If not than the problem is somewhere in between. If yes continue.

  3. Did machine sent a pong? Again - tcpdump/wireshare/... are your friends. If no than it was configured to not respond to ping. If yes - continue.

  4. Did server received a ping? No additional points for guessing tools. If yes than check your firewall. If no than problem is in between.

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