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Trying to copy a bunch of data over and time, unfortunately, is of the essence. I'd like to do an rsync of all the data in one direction, pretty much rsync just clobbers what's over on the destination server. Is there a way to do an rsync and just say, "overwrite all files"

Is there a better way of doing this? We're talking 500GB of data that only has to go in one direction.

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First thing that comes to mind: use scp. For simple copy operations the syntax is the same.

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Checksums are not used by rsync by default - they have to be enabled with the -c flag. From the manpage:

-c, --checksum

This changes the way rsync checks if the files have been changed and are in need of a transfer. Without this option, rsync uses a “quick check” that (by default) checks if each file's size and time of last modification match between the sender and receiver.

I don't think the quick, non-checksum calculation will be your limiting factor.

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First thing that came to my mind: erase whatever is in the destination folder before rsync.

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I use the -W option with rsync for this purpose. I haven't fully tested so this may not do what I think it does. You might also use the -I option to enforce clobbering. From the manpage:

 -W, --whole-file       copy files whole (w/o delta-xfer algorithm)
 -I, --ignore-times     don't skip files that match size and time
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