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I just stumbled across this Airfoil on Mac OS X, which lets me 'throw' music from my laptop to any other linux machine, iPhone or other device hooked up to a better set of speakers than my laptop - here's the page below:

What tools would I use to recreate this functionality on a linux box - are there any nice GUI interfaces to something like pulse audio (which is what I imagine I'd use ) for doing this?


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See YoLinux: Linux Audio Streaming as one option.
This also might be useful: Streaming audio on GNU/Linux - the miniest HOWTO.

Airfoil Speakers for Linux is here, but this is only a small part of an answer.

From Anything like Airfoil (audio stream util) that can run on Ubuntu:

I use raop-play.

I mainly run debian unstable and got it work on my laptop with ubuntu junky ;-) as well ... I run the stand-alone client raop_play, not the alsa device.

I got the sound device to compile with my kernel, however, I never got the alsa sound device to work ... programs complain it is no alsa sound device ...

So what I do is the following:

mkfifo ~/sound.wav
raop_play airport_express_ip ~/sound.wav &
in vlc I set output to the file: ~/sound.wav

Everything I play through vlc now plays on the speakers ... I have to restart both vlc or raop_play about every 5 hours or so, because one of them seems to have a problem after some time (raop disconnects or vlc hangs) ... not really a big issue, though ... I use it all day long every workday ... ;-)

It is more reliable than iTunes, which just stops sending the audio to the airtunes every 5 to 10 songs ... I think my airtunes maybe to blame, but raop manages much longer connections

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Will this keep the various playbacks in sync? What's the latency like? – intuited Jun 5 '10 at 18:45

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