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I'm trying to build a database that I can use to track prices of groceries on certain dates. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to have a single entry associate with multiple data. For example, carrots. The index would be carrots. Then, a few categorizing fields (ie, Produce|Vegetable) Then, I can enter a price, date that the price was valid, store that was selling for said price, etc. And the next time I buy carrots, I can just add a new set of pricing data that would be associated with the original carrots entry. I know very little about database building, so if anyone has something I could just modify, I would greatly appreciate it. Alternatively, a step by step tutorial would be great.

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Have a tblProducts that contains a primary key, the product name and pricing. Then in your tblPurchases include a column that references the primary key in tblProducts.

What I would recommend is something along the lines of a snowflake schema design.

With thanks to Wikipedia

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