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I'm looking for a productivity/operations management web service (ideally, free) that is aimed towards non-profits. Some of the features that I'm looking for include:

  • Indexing and sorting of contacts
  • Organizing milestones into a tree hierarchy
  • Tagging of documents for indexing and searching

Any ideas? Thanks!

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2 Answers

If i take your question correctly, you are asking for a groupware function.


Wikipedia lists a few of the groupware projects here. Opengroupware.org provides a full-functioning suite in relatively stable state. You can check it out.

If you do not mind using two software, then a simple communication suite + a content management software can also allow you to work easily. (KnowledgeTree [community edition, which is free] can be used for the knowledge management.

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This website here might be of use to you.

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