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I have a Linux Ubuntu desktop at home, ssh enabled, vnc server installed, router rule configured. It all works, and at home I can connect via the local network from my Mac. From the outside I can login via ssh.

I've configured putty as follows:

  • session: host name and port number
  • connection > ssh > tunnel: forwarded ports: L5900|
  • the local address is:

When I make the connection I can login to the remote machine.

Then I open Remote Desktop Viewer.

  • I click connect
  • protocol: vnc
  • host: ?
  • use host as ssh tunnel: ?

I don't know what to use for the last two options. Which ip-addresses should I use?

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SSH forwarding - you're forwarding from the host you have SSHed into, to the same host:

  • L5900|localhost:5900

VNC viewer:

  • host: localhost
  • "use host as ssh tunnel" is not needed, as you're doing that step (SSH forwarding) manually
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Thank you! I got it working. – SPRBRN Jun 8 '10 at 11:58

You should point your remote desktop viewer to the local address and local port number that you've chosen to bind to.

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