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It seems Chromium uses xdg-open to open PDF files.

How do I change it to another PDF reader?

I'm using Linux Mint 8 LXDE.

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Please, just add comments. Only answer your question if you know the answer for sure and it IS an answer. This way its a comment amongst the answers. – Shiki Jun 10 '10 at 9:10
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This command edits the configuration file to use xpdf as the default PDF viewer:

xdg-mime default xpdf.desktop application/pdf

More details about xdg-open can be found here:

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Check these:

And the command xdg-mime. Use man xdg-mime to RTFM :))).

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is it a bug of chrome? does xdg-mime use .local/ list file? – chenge Jun 10 '10 at 9:35
Try the other system wide configuration file. OR you can install Adobe reader. – Shiki Jun 10 '10 at 10:19

I had the exact problem the OP describes on Ubuntu 10.04. It seems I had entries for both xpdf AND evince in /etc/mailcap.

application/pdf; /usr/bin/xpdf '%s'; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""; description=Portable Document Format; nametemplate=%s.pdf
application/x-pdf; /usr/bin/xpdf '%s'; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""; description=Portable Document Format; nametemplate=%s.pdf
application/x-dia-diagram; dia '%s'; description="DIA diagram"; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"; nametemplate=%s.dia
audio/basic; /usr/bin/esdplay '%s'
audio/x-wav; /usr/bin/esdplay '%s'
audio/x-aiff; /usr/bin/esdplay '%s'
application/pdf; evince '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"; nametemplate=%s.pdf
application/x-pdf; evince '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"; nametemplate=%s.pdf

removing/commenting out the entries for xpdf resolved the issue for me

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